Premio Foods tasked Advantage Point Digital with promoting their new Tasty-inspired videos in the hopes that they would garner millions of views and receive high levels of engagement.

Premio Foods offers sausages in the widest range available. Backed by close to seven decades of Italian sausage-making tradition, Premio creates them like no other! Crispy and juicy, the taste of Premio’s Italian sausages leaves customers craving more.

Bear Creek Country Kitchens is a CPG brand offering a line of savory and delicious soup, rice, pasta and macaroni and cheese dishes. Quick and easy to make, Bear Creek combines convenience with great homemade taste – just like mom used to make! Bear Creek came to Advantage Point Digital to build an overall brand awareness for their popular product across all social media channels. In addition, they aimed to garner user-generated content as well as customer engagement and feedback. Ultimately, the objective was to drive sales through a positive brand image.

Finishing Touch is a woman’s grooming line that features the Finishing Touch Elite, the Yes!, and the Freedom. Their products provide instant and pain-free hair removal for women of all ages! The Finishing Touch products are sold in retailers worldwide, online, and through highly successful television advertisements and infomercials. Finishing Touch came to the Advantage Point Digital team wanting to increase brand awareness and cultivate a community around their product line and brand lifestyle. They also were eager to come up with creative ways to launch their new product, the Freedom, via social media channels, and promote sales to a demographic that their other advertising methods were not able to reach. With their competitors so active on social media, it was imperative they quickly develop a large, dedicated fan base in order to stay ahead of the competition.


• INCREASE brand awareness and GENERATE thousands of views
• INSPIRE engagement within desired audiences

• Collect feedback and respond to customers in a timely manner
• Increase overall brand awareness
• Drive sales through a brand-positive image

• Position the Finishing Touch as the top female grooming product line on the market
• Increase overall brand awareness
• Drive traffic to their websites and to retail locations to promote increase in overall sales (both web and retail)


Advantage Point Digital began with promoting the first round of videos to a targeted audience of those who have already liked and viewed Buzzfeed Food and Tasty videos.

Finishing Touch came to the Advantage Point Digital team without a presence on social media. Our team developed a thorough strategy for the brand that extended across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Adwords.
By creating and posting carefully curated content consistently on Facebook, running targeted Facebook advertisements, and engaging with the community to grow and foster fans, a highly targeted fan base developed rapidly.
On Twitter and Instagram, daily community management to target those who might be interested in the brand, and answering any and all customer service inquiries, aided Finishing Touch in becoming accessible to their fans. This strategy also helped build the loyalty of those who were already familiar with the product line.
Each time the brand launched a new product, began selling at a new retailer, or signed on a new brand ambassador, creative contests and social campaigns were created to alert fans, generate excitement, and collect email addresses for future marketing purposes.


• Facebook Advertisement
• Instagram Advertisement
• Twitter
• Google+


• 1,144 reactions

• Facebook audience grew by 13,425 fans in a 2 months period
• 1279 Entries and 600 unique email addresses entries received during holiday campaign
• Increased engagement across Twitter and Instagram to promote brand awareness and customer interaction


In a 2 month period
• Facebook audience grew by over 7,000 fans
• Twitter audience grew by over 2,400 fans
• 678 unique emails collected